NEWS: Culprits Involved In The Killings Of Vigilante Members In Agatu Apprehended

Mind-blowing story, on the 30th of January, 2019 the Nigerian police force arrested two brothers at about 3:18pm.
A 38 year old EMMANUEL OBAJE and DENNIS OBAJE 36 year old from Egbo village Agatu local government area of Benue State, the long arm of the law has finally caught up with them.The two brothers were into the selling of lives of their people for 15,000 naira only.
According to the woman that led to their arrest, a window, A 40 years old woman Mrs LINDA  MELAYE from Egbo village of Agatu local government area of Benue State a neighbor to EMMANUEL and DENNIS, Mrs LINDA  said she has been suspecting the two brothers for a long time but because she didn’t have any  evidence she can not go to the police station to report .
Yesterday 30/01/2019 according to her “At about 4am in the morning i went to the  toilet outside my house which i happen to share same with EMMAUNAL and DENNIS, unknown to DENNIS that someone was in the toilet he was communicating, saying that they are not going to give them the guns back except they pay him with his brother their balance.
He ended the conversation and went back inside their house. i stayed there stoned for some few minutes inside the toilet so that no one will see me then i went back to my room. This morning i went to report at the police station which led to the arrest of EMMAUNAL and  DENNIS”.
The police discovered guns and ammunition in their house, the police commissioner said they have severally reported  their suspicious movement but the police didn’t have any evidence but today they are in police custody.As they were paraded by the police force,  Mr EMMAUNAL OBAJE and DENNIS OBAJE confessed that they work as informants for herdsmen (fulani), they said that the herdsmen pay them 15,000 naira for each information and they keep their guns and ammunition. They also said they are responsible for the information of the members of the vigilante group and multiple murders around the village including Mrs PAULINA OGAGA they also went further to say the herdsmen killed her because she was fighting them.
The state commissioner of police (CP Okon Ene) advised the people to be vigilant and report any suspected movement to the police as he also advised the people not to take laws into their hands.

This story first appeared in the choice newspaper.

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