Must Read : Challenges In The Nigeria Sport Sector

Lets Delibrate on challenges that is making a mess and a mockery of the sport sectors

The importance and uniqueness of the Nigeria Sport Sector in driving and shaping the Nigeria economy cannot be underestimated in any way as it is the only sector in Nigeria that galvanizes the entire Nigerian Society without thoughts and considerations along the line of tribal, ethnic, religious, regional and political sentiments.

With a population of over 180 million people of which 65 percent of the population falls between the ages of 15 and 30 years, sports development ought to have taken the front-burner in moulding the Nigerian economy to a point whereby Nigeria as a country will be able to stand at par with other developed economies in the world.

Though,great feats and successes have been recorded and achieved in time past which is expected to have been a launching pad that is potent enough to project the entire Nigerian nation to a point of global relevance in both physical and human capital development,Nigeria has not been able to achieve the level of expectations that would have make the best of the raw talents and latent potentials yet to be accessed and harnessed for the development of Nigeria economy.

Just as the Nigerian nation is bedeviled by multifarious developmental challenges,the Nigeria Sports Sector is not an exemption.The challenges facing the entire Nigeria nation is reflected in the sports sector too.

Some of the challenges that is making a mess and a mockery of the sport sectors are:

  1. Corruption: As corruption is known to have eating deep into the fabrics of the Nigerian society,the Nigerian sport sector is also having its own share of the evil of corruption.This has created a developmental imbalance that has made the sport sector expected to be flying at high altitude to remain on the ground crawling.

2. Nepotism: This is another fall out of the evil of corruption as it creates and ensure that power of state is twisted to favour families and relatives to be in charge of sport activities but personnel s that are trained to manage sport properly are not giving opportunity to make developmental impacts that will enhance sport development in Nigeria.

3. Poor Administration and Management: This shows its ugly head when a square peg is not put in square hole.A situation whereby all that pertain to sport development is politicised makes sport development to be impossible in Nigeria.

Maladministration is another clog that is holding down the wheel of sport development in Nigeria due to the fact that personnels that are expert are not appointed to manage the sport sector the way it ought to have been done.

These are some of the challenges holding sport development down in Nigeria.

In conclusion,if the right solutions can be provided to some of these challenges,no one needs a soothsayer to know that Nigeria sport sector will be a money spinning sector that will lift the entire Nigerian nation to the point of greatness other nations of the world have been able to get to.

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Article Written by : FADEYI FELIX FEMI

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17th of February 2020.

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