Mr Samson Oluwasegun Aremu Is Declared Wanted By Police Force


Please beware of the above name and picture , he is a scam, thief and fraud let. He goes about with a pity story of how he stood as a guarantor for his wife’s brother at his work place and the guy ran away with 18million naira and he was arrested, went to prison because of the case,his mother died on the matter, God helped him out of prison and now he is stranded and needs help to start his life all over again. Few days ago,he came to me as an old time friend ,felt touched by his story and I decided to render him some assistance after some days i felt i should do better by allowing him move into my apartment for a better shelter within few months Samson stole some money in my apartment with some company money, total of N1,5m and fled. He is on the run right now, he has blocked me on all social media, and his number is not reachable according to the lady involved.
Please if found report to the nearest police station and be rewarded.


Please if found kindly reach out on; 0813 469 9505 and there is a certain amount for the person that found him.

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