Monkeypig! Mutant Pig With Monkey Face Freaks Cuba (VIDEO)


A piglet born with the face of a monkey became a brief tourist sensation in the city of Ciego de Avila in central Cuba as people came from across the region to witness its baffling deformity.

The facial deformity resulted in the mutant pig having a simian jaw, a considerably shorter snout and a protruding forehead so that it resembled a monkey.

Images and a video posted online of the unusual creature being held by its owner quickly went viral, sparking conversations on what caused the defect.

The pig died after just four days due to the congenital defect, according to local media.

One of the explanations given for the deformity is holoprosencephaly – a brain development disorder that can cause the failure of eyes to properly separate, according to the Daily Mail.

Others have blamed environmental pollution for the animal’s strange appearance.

© مواطن مصري Egyptian citizen

Similar defects have been recorded in pigs across South America and China.

In 2008 a pig owned by a family in Fengzhang village, Xiping township in China was also born with the face of a monkey.

While in Guatemala in 2011 a pig was born with a human shaped head.

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However, there haven’t been any reports as yet of any spider pig mutations!

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