Medic To Lose Job For Taking Selfies With Woman’s Vagina After She Gave Birth (Photo)


A medical practitioner will be losing her job after her photo – where she was helping a woman to deliver a baby and simultaneously posing on camera – went viral.

The outrageous picture shows an unnamed female doctor smiling and making a ‘V’ sign as a woman gives birth on the delivery-room table right next to her.


It was learnt that the photo, which was shared on social media and soon went viral, was also widely covered in local media as another abuse of selfies in the medical profession.

Information gathered further shows that the Doctor, who was working at the Johor Bahru hospital in the state of Johor at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, is now likely to be fired.

The medical ethics panel is currently investigating the case before deciding if the doctor should face the sack or receive a fine.

Malaysia’s health minister, Dr Seri Subra has vowed to punish the doctor as well as the photographer.

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