Matinati is here to bridge the gap between Nigeria’s education system and the first world countries

MATINATI hopes to change the learning narrative in Nigeria.

The world is rapidly changing around the fast-evolving technology in today’s world, affecting everything including our daily life.
Education is one of the few things that the world’s fast-evolving technology is yet to impact in Nigeria.

A new tech startup has emerged from the latest innovations in the Education sector which allows for the use of technology and the internet in classrooms. This phenomenon is known as Blended Learning, it allows for a more full user experience and individual user based learning.

The founder of MATINATI Saint Anuma, says he put together the program to help bridge the gap between Nigeria’s education system and the first world countries.
“Over the years, I have traveled far and wide and I can see clearly where Nigeria’s education system is compared to the rest of the world, we are really doing great in some places but we could really use some improvements”.
“I then decided to take a step forward and do my part in improving the education system”.

With the elementary school program slated to launch in Mid-January, schools are hurrying up to sign up for the program as it sounds interesting.
Subjects available at the moment are Mathematics, English, Computer science, Science, French, and Spanish. Including the top three tier languages in the world to their lesson pack is one of the things that make it special. It hopes to prepare the Nigerian kid to be able to universally compete with counterparts all over the world.

Olaniyan AbdulGafar, Technical Lead and Operations Manager for MATINATI speaks more when asked about the benefits of the program.
The kids are sure to have an amazing time learning, as the program was created with them in mind. Animated experiences have always been the way to a child’s heart.
All of our lessons are crafted with the perfect storytelling animated experiences that allow for creative thinking and full world-class user experience.

Parents can also see how well their kids are performing though quizzes and more all available on the program.
The kids also get access to lots of events sponsored and packaged by the team at MATINATI.

Schools too can join the train allowing them to teach these lessons through our program achieving the real essence of blended learning.
More information on how they can be a part of this is available on the website at or just send a mail to

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