Man Launches Competition for World’s Most Beautiful Vagina


That’s basically what this complete and utter… man is saying while fondling something we think could be ham. He’s launched a competition to find ‘the world’s most beautiful vagina’.

The owner of adult brand Autoblow, who seems to be enjoying his own sex toys a lot in the video, wants to turn the winning genitals into a new cock-sock for men who want to enjoy their own company while imagining someone else.

All you have to do is send a snap of your lady garden with the tagline ‘Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest’. Then spend some time trying to work out why you’ve done just done that.

Your picture will be uploaded online and then people who want to look at anonymous vaginas – those people do exist – can vote for their favourite.

Then, get this, the winner will be flown out to LA to have a 3D print. Wow. Living the dream.
The Autoblow guy uses ham to create a vagina… (Picture: Vimeo)


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