Lori Harvey Dumps Trey Songz For Lewis Hamilton?

L-R Trey Songz Lori Harvey Lewis Hamilton

The relationship between Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of veteran actor and comedian Steve Harvey and American singer, Trey Songz has reportedly gone sour.

Lori is said to have dumped Trey Songz for the British race car driver, the duo were seen cuddling in the club on February 4.

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Lori confirmed her relationship status with Trey Songz via a post on her Instagram page in January 2019.

She shared a loved-up photo of herself and the singer with the caption:

‘It is what it is ?’

Lori has since taken down the post and wiped Trey Songz from her Instagram feed.

21-year-old Lori and Lewis Hamilton, 34, were “booed up at the club and tonguing each other down” last night before heading to an undisclosed location.

Lori Harvey who has been linked to Rapper Future and Justin Combs was previously engaged to Dutch professional footballer Memphis Depay. Her mother, Marjorie Harvey announced in June 2017.

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But after a while, talk of the engagement grew cold, and even though there wasn’t an official announcement, it’s apparently now off.

Lori is the daughter of fashion blogger Marjorie Elaine Harvey, who married Steve in 2007.

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