LOL! Nollywood ‘Fine Boys’ Are Turning To Gigolos To Survive This Recession


Talented and fast-rising Nollywood actor, Davidson Uchenna Dikeocha has decried the impact of the current Nigerian economic downturn on practitioners of the Nigerian movie industry.
In a chat with News Every Hour, while on set of “The X-List”, a new romance/suspense film, the 6ft tall actor dropped a bombshell. Many flashy actors who don’t want to be seen as broke with the way the economy is going are now getting desperate.
While some actress are showing off their ‘assets’ on the social media anyhow to attract lose men, the actors too don’t want to be left behind…
Actor Davidson said: “My role in the movie ‘The X-List’, my character in the movie was maxwell, best friend to Fred. Fred is a big time playboy who became haunted by his past life just when he was ready to settle down with the love of his life, and I must tell you that his role is not far from what happens nowadays among the youths; among the so called ‘fine boys’. It’s disturbing how many youths have developed a penchant for being ‘playboys’ and ‘gigolos’. It’s disturbing!
“I tell you, even in Nollywood. It’s on the increase lately especially with the ongoing economy recession; many good looking actors have turned into glorified gigolos sleeping around with rich women and many of these women are married.
Imagine that. The excuse many of these fine boys give is that ‘boys must survive na’. But what I’m trying to say is that every lifestyle you indulge in will sooner or later catch up with you. There is a repercussion for everything.
“I am from a strong Christian home. I can’t compromise my integrity for money. Importantly, I won’t stop insisting that actors should diversify. Don’t make yourself a ‘s*x hawkers’.


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