Lagos: Woman Escapes Being Used For Blood Money by Islamic Cleric


Nigeria – Twenty year old Busayo Amdalat, a resident of Ibeju-Lekki in Lagos state has escaped death by the whiskers when her lover, an Islamic cleric attempted to use her for rituals.

Mallam Shehu, aka Alhaji Sambo, had invited the young woman to his residence for the yuletide celebrations. Both were lovers.

However in the early hours of yesterday, Sambo had a visitor, Ifa, and they asked Busayo to put on a white cloth, which she did, they then hit her with an iron rod on her head. .

However, when Ifa was slashing the Busayo’s throat, she was able to muster courage by hitting him on the head with a bottle and in the process, ran to a nearby street where a carnival was taking place.

Those who saw her drenched in a pool of blood with injuries inflicted on her neck and other parts of her body, quickly rushed her to a hospital. Policemen from Morogbo Police Division were later called but the alfa had already fled.

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