Kofi Annan Speaks on Buhari’s Presidency and Nigeria’s Democracy


Nigeria – Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan in a statement has expressed hope that Nigeria’s newly sworn-in President, Muhammadu Buhari, will govern the nation in a democratic spirit.

“For the first time in Nigeria’s history, an elected president is today handing power to another elected president following an election that was, by and large, free, fair and comparatively peaceful. President Goodluck Jonathan, in particular, deserves much credit for conceding defeat promptly and elegantly.

“The outgoing president has paved the way for peaceful transition. It now befalls president-elect Buhari to govern in a democratic spirit, strengthening public institutions and ensuring that forthcoming elections at local or parliamentary level do not revert to the old ways.

“Let us hope that Nigeria’s recent elections were not a lucky exception but instead signal a new democratic departure from which other countries in Africa and beyond can draw inspiration as they too face the complicated and sometimes perilous challenge of managing political transition.

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