Kizz Daniel or Burna Boy Who is A More Talented Artiste

Burna Boy and Kizz Daniel are two of the most talented singers in Nigeria, and are also artistes which are helping to push Afro-Beats to other parts of the world.

Many have argued that Kizz Daniel’s talents as a musician in Nigeria has been and still continuing to be underated while Burna Boy’s is being overrated. A lot of music followers believe the accolades that Burna Boy is getting is supposed to be directed at Kizz. “He is the only artiste in the Nigerian music industry who doesn’t have a ‘bad song’ ” is the fact/farce that the singer’s lovers love to dwell on when making comparisons in the areas of supremacy with other artistes.

On the other hand, many others believe Kizz Daniel is in no way in the league of Burna Boy who many infact adjudge to be the most talented artiste in Nigeria due to his command of music that are infused with vibes, quality lyrics, addictive voice and great beats.

However, in order not to bore you with too many texts, we would like to move quickly to the reason why this piece has been publicized and that would be to get your thoughts on who the most talented artiste is between the two artistes.

 Kizz Daniel Or Burna Boy – Who Is A More Talented Music Artiste?

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