Kenyan Air Hostess Exposed Begging For Sex, Money From A Client With Hot Photos

It goes down in the DM. According to these screen-shots which have been trending on Kenyan social media, an unnamed man has exposed a Kenyan girl who was harassing him and desperately demanding for sex in exchange for financial favours.

The man, according to Kenyan media syndicating the news, boarded a plane in Doha, Qatar and had the misfortune of bumping into a wily, Kenyan seductress. She works for Qatar airways. It was not hard for her to get his information, including his phone number which was present in his travel documents that she was privy to. Immediately the plane landed, the girl, identified as Mercy, hatched a plan of milking the man dry – she was willing to give him an express trip to her cookie jar. According to the screen-shots, she had obviously made hi the offer physically wben they met along the journey, but when he wasn’t interested Mercy took her method to Whatsapp…

kenyan air hostess

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