Kcee Discloses Who Made Money First Between Himself And E-Money


If you have ever wondered who is older between popular musician Kingsley Okonkwo aka Kcee and his wealthy brother Emeka Okonkwo aka E-Money, take a seat.
A lot of people feel since E- Money is the richer one amongst the duo, he probably is the elder brother but this is not the case. Kcee finally cleared the air regarding their birth status. He is the elder one.
“People ask me this question a lot. But the important thing is the fact that we are brothers from the same parents. To clear the air, I’m the elder brother,” he told Ife Salako of Naija FM in a recent interview.
He also went further to reveal that even though E –Money is the one well known for his wealth, he brought fame into their family first and he even sponsored his wedding. “I sponsored E- Money’s wedding because I was the first to start making money in my family. I brought the name and fame to the family but most people don’t know the genesis and I don’t need to explain it to anyone.”
So, please put some respect on Kcee’s name.


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