Kaffy Dance Talks Rise To Fame, Breaking Guiness World Record While Suffering From Pneumonia, Ciara, Being Disowned For Dancing & More!

Nigerian American media correspondent, Raro Lae caught up with the renowned Kaffy Dance and dug deeper into her inspiring journey to success, Kaffy spoke about battling pneumonia while simultaneously breaking the Guinness World Record for Longest Dance Party, which was quite a fight. Kaffy also opened up, about her father disowning her due to her passion to dance, instead of continuing her studies in Aeronautic Engineering.
“I got motivated by the negative attitude that people have towards beingsuccessful as a young person. There’s this stereotypical box that your environment, your society expects of you, when you want to define what a successful person is. It’s either you’re a doctor or you’re a lawyer.” – Kaffy Dance
Her love for dance was discovered when she found her self fighting the psychological issues many find themselves facing when it comes to losing weight. Kaffy found dance to be a theRap£utic outlet to not only exercise but have fun too, as she shed over a HUNDRED POUNDS, from her previous size 16 body.

At this time, she never knew that dancing would take her this far to the point that she was choreographing and dancing with celebrities such as Ciara (which she also spoke about in this interview, and what really went into that unique + viral moment), Tiwa Savage, Davido, Ketchup and many more!

“If I love dancing, I can make dancing pop. I can dance and be sitting in the same room as Presidents, with governors, with ministers, with kings.” – Kaffy Dance



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