It’s nobody’s business if I don’t live with my husband –Ronke Oshodi-Oke

Ronke Oshodi-Oke
Ronke Oshodi-Oke

Busty actress, Ronke Oshodi-Oke, has had her fair share of controversies in the Nigerian movie industry. Among the many stories that have been peddled about her is the issue of her marriage because the fair skinned actress does not live with her husband.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the actress said that her marriage is intact. She gave reasons why she does not live with her husband.

“Personally, I don’t like places that are noisy. If you live in certain places in Lagos, everybody would know your movement. I don’t like such places. I try to keep my life private. I don’t want people to know where my children school or any other private information about me. But my husband works in Surulere and he loves the area a lot. I don’t like the area. We have a family house there, so he stays there on weekdays and during the weekend, he comes home to meet me at Abule-Egba. I have been in that area for a very long time and it is very quiet. That is why we live separately.

“Whatever people say, I really don’t care because I believe in pleasing myself. The same people that would advise you are the same people that would criticise you when things go wrong. I have developed a thick skin. Nothing is perfect in life and my marriage is okay. I am happy,” she said.

The actress, who recently delved into music, assured her fans that it is not a one-off-development. She said that her music career had been in the pipeline for about six years. The actress agreed that it was not easy being a mother, wife, actress and a singer but thanked God for giving her a husband who doubles as her best friend.

She said, “The main reason I have been able to cope in the industry is because my husband is my best friend. When you have a friend, he always understands you and knows what makes you happy. If your friend knows what makes you happy, he would always encourage and support you. That is my husband. When it comes to my job, he supports me fully because he knows that is what makes me happy. I cannot also thank my mother enough because she has been of tremendous support.”

She further said that whenever her husband misses her, he calls her to come home and she has her way of making him happy whenever he is upset with her for any reason.

“Sometimes when I have spent so much time on set and my husband misses me, he does not make a big fuss about it because he knows it is my job. He would just call me to come home. And whenever I know I am wrong or I have been away from him for too long, I apologise. Most times, even before he calls me to tell me that I have not been home for too long, I caution myself and go to spend some weeks with him. If I find out that he is very mad at me, I know how to calm him down. Every man has a weak spot and every woman knows how to make her man happy. Whenever he is really upset with me, I cook his favourite meal and I also make it up to him in the bedroom,” Oshodi-Oke said.


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