Israeli official: “Russian planes enter Israeli airspace”


After Turkey downed a Russian plane and caused high tensions between the two countries, Israel is working to avoid similar situations. Lately, the two countries have deepened their security coordination, a move that has allowed more freedom for the two sides.

The Russian plane that was downed by Turkey last week has been the source of diplomatic tension between the two countries and Israel is trying to avoid a similar situation. Director of Policy and Political-Military Affairs in the Ministry of Defense Major General (Res.) Amos Gilad shared this information on Saturday and stated that recently, Israel and Russia have deepened their security coordination.

“Russian pilots cross into Israeli airspace occasionally,” said Gilad, “but thanks to the strong security coordination between the two countries, which began with a meeting between Netanyahu and Putin, the IDF and the Russian army have well-known security procedures. If there is a case of invasion, they know what to do and how to avoid a situation that could lead to a diplomatic crisis.”

Netanyahu and Putin

Netanyahu and Putin Photo Credit: Government Press Office Israel/Channel 2 News

“The Israeli Air Force continues to operate to prevent the transport of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah and this is known to Russia,” added Gilad, who also addressed the incident where Turkey downed the Russia plane: “Erdogan has every reason to be sorry about the Turkish missile that downed the Russian plane.”

Gilad added that Russia continues to bomb targets in Syria and that it’s impossible to rehabilitate the country: “Syria is dead as a country. The land exsits but there is no country; Syrian President Assad receives a salary but does not rule the country anymore.”

Regarding the relations between Israel and Turkey, Gilad mentioned that: “The negative measures from Turkey have vanished but we haven’t returned to coordinating together in security matters. There is no more friction between Israel and Turkey; we have a good economic relationship.”

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