Islamic State video reveals three new methods of execution

A new video released by the murderous Islamic State organization shows alleged spies being executed by new and gruesome methods.

Execution by drowning, beheading with explosives and blowing up a car with an RPG are some of the gruesome methods the Islamic State used to execute 50 “spies” in the Nineveh Province, the organization’s main stronghold in Iraq.

In a newly released video, the men accused of spying are shown being cruelly executed. Some of them are shown being locked in a cage and lowered into the water until drowning to death. Another part of the video shows an RPG fired at a car in which another group of men were placed and others are shown being blown up with explosives.

Earlier this month, two IS men were eliminated in an Iraqi army airstrike in the western part of the country. According to various reports, the men were two of the organization’s film directors.

RT News Agency reported the directors were Abu Mouhammed al-Suri and Abu Osama al-Amriki. They were reportedly responsible for making some of the Islamic State’s gruesome propaganda films, including the beheading videos of hostages in Syria and Iraq.

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