Interpol Set to Declare Former VP Sambo Wanted


The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) may soon be declaring former Vice President, Namadi Sambo wanted.
THE TELEGRAPH reports that a very top official in the Ministry of Justice said that if the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC receives the blessing of the presidency to that effect, the letters to the Interpol will go out not later than Tuesday.

The top official said, “The letters would be sent to Interpol by Tuesday, we are only waiting for the president to give approval. You know we can’t do such without getting the presidency involved.

“They are the people that will still facilitate the extradition of these people. Some of them are not just anybody, and it will look as if we are treating them as common criminals.

“Our former oga is also among them and these people have some international connections, so we have to thread cautiously.

“We gave them a lot of opportunity to come back home and defend themselves, but they have not been forthcoming. We have spoken with some of them, but they are just giving excuses.

“Once the president gives the approval, we will have no choice than to move against them through the Interpol. They will surely bring them back home and that will even be more disastrous for them, because no court will grant them bail, after seeing that they are trying to evade justice.”


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