If You Shed Crocodile Tears When I Pass Away, My Spirit Will Flog You – Agbako told Colleague Actors

Nollywood Actor To Colleagues: My Spirit Will Flog You, If You Shed Crocodile Tears When I Pass Away



A thespian in the Yoruba movie industry, Abdulsalam Sanyaolu better known as ‘Agbako’ has said that his spirit would flog any colleague who cries when he passes away.

Agbako stated this in an interview, after surviving a strange ailment that rendered him incapacitated and made him disappear from the scene for some time.

Stating that nobody lent a helping hand when he was ill, the 94-year-old thespian said, ‘I have told them, and I’m also using this opportunity to inform them, that nobody should come and shed crocodile tears at my burial.”

“If they do, my spirit will flog them, because when I needed their help, they were nowhere to be found,” Agbako said.

“I have been sick but thank God I’m back on my feet. My ailment was heart-related and after series of test, I was told that my heart was weak, coupled with the fact that I often forgot things, so I was placed on drugs that must be used to avoid any crisis”.

Asked if he underwent any surgery, he said, ‘No, the doctors said there was no way they could perform surgery on me. They said the drugs were very essential and must not be skipped. Though I was operated upon when I had urinary ailment recently, I’m free from that now”

He further said he did not make money despite spending many years in the industry

The veteran started as an entertainer, jumping off a 10-storey building, carrying a mortar on his chest while as many as 12 women pounded yam, as well as dancing on broken bottles.

During his years in the industry, he produced three films: Agba Aja, Ajana Oro and Nkan Se.

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