Ice breaker: US nuclear submarine bursts through frozen Arctic ice (VIDEO)

56edbb6dc4618841108b458dFootage from the US Navy’s Camp Sargo in the Arctic circle shows how the moments of a nuclear submarine break through several feet of solid ice, and it’s quite impressive.

The Los Angeles-class submarine USS Hartford was filmed surfacing near the camp, which is set up around 200 miles north of Alaska.

Crew can be seen clearing the thick ice from off the top of the sub and having to dig through the almost two feet of ice, as well as having to use a chainsaw, to clear way for one of the hatches to be opened.

The camp has been set up as part of Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016, which the Navy says is for conducting scientific research and giving the Navy a “chance to hone its sub skills in that environment,” report the Navy Times.

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