I NEVER Said I Could Buy Any Man -Linda Ikeji Speaks out

dimeck shots 298Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, has denied reports crediting her to a tweet in which she reportedly said she could buy any man she wants.

In a blog post, Linda said the account that made the comment was a parody account.

“I may have made careless statements during the Hermes bag saga that I definitely regret and have apologized for (I was stark raving mad when I was posting on IG…I was in another world…lol) and my words were to the ‘haters’ but I forgot that there were young people who look up to me who were also observing what was going on and were disappointed by my remarks. I regret my words. So, yeah, I may have said those silly things but I would never post those tweets from the fake account. It was tweeted some days ago and I addressed it on Twitter but I see some people/groups on Facebook talking about it and many still believe I tweeted it and are just abusing me anyhow..lol. Thus, I decided to address it here!

3 (2).png

“No one can buy a man…or a woman for that matter. You can only buy a Muppet or a gold digger, not a real man. And a real man is what I am looking for! *wink*. See the tweets after the cut and please if anyone can help me shut down the Twitter account, I would appreciate it before they spoil my career..lol

1 (3).png
Photo: The fake account

“The fake handle has 4k followers. It is @lindaLkeji. So the L is a small letter, and makes it look like lindalkeji. Mine is @lindaikeji with an i. (There are several other fake Linda Ikeji twitter/Facebook pages). Also, can anyone help me get verified? Thanks in advance…” she added.

linda real account.PNG
Photo: Linda’s real Twitter account


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