I Don’t Need To Imitate Wizkid or Davido Before I Can Be Successful

Singer and music producer, Chukwuka Ekwean a.k.a Ckay has been on steady rise to fame since he relocated to Lagos from Kaduna to pursue his passion for music. But unlike most fast rising musicians who emulate their predecessors, he has chosen to chart his own path to success.

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The singer who just released his first official EP titled ‘Ckay The First’, told Showtime why he has chosen not to copy either Wizkid nor Davido to boost his music craft.

“’Way’ is my first official EP. The idea behind the title is the uniqueness and untouchable nature of my brand; the nature of my talent is unparalleled. I’m not the next Wizkid, Davido or the next anyone. I’m the first Ckay.

Many artistes are out there jacking these artistes’ styles but I refuse to copy them. I will make my music my own way and people won’t have a choice but to feel it. Wizkid is my personal idol in Nigerian music actually and I want to be as successful and even more successful than he is. But I don’t have to copy him to do that.

Wizkid created a legacy for himself, so also will I, by being original. We already have a Wizkid and a Davido, we don’t need any more. I’ll do it my own way and people must have a feel of it.

From the response to my new single, ‘Way’, which is a fusion of classical music, Beethoven’s 5th symphony from the 18th century, and Afro-beats, I’m well on my way. It’s never been done before. it’s completely new and people love it”, he said.

Speaking further, he explained why prior to the release of his EP, he could not put out music. “I haven’t been able to put out music since ‘Container’ because of the Chocolate City and Warner Music Group partnership.

The company was in a transition period, so putting out music then would have been counterproductive. So for the good of the artists and the music, we had to wait. Releasing music under a more extensive structure with more reach and more resources just makes sense”, he said.

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