I don’t Drink, I don’t Smoke & I hate posting on Social Media – Rema Reveals

During an interview with Capital Xtra, Rema says that he doesn’t drink or smoke and that he hates posting on social media. He said he hates taking selfies and that he would like to get into fashion soon. Rema says he would rather post his music on social media rather than post a gold chain or any precious possession. He says he feels it’s easy to get addicted to likes and comments on social media.

During the course of the chat, Rema talked about losing his dad and brother. Before Rema got officially signed to MAVIN, he had been with the label for about 18 months prior to that undergoing development. But before that 18 month spell, Rema was a teenager who lost his dad and brother within a short time of each other and was under pressure to raise money for his mother.

At the age of 17, he went to work in Ghana and bought his mom a car. Soon after, he made a freestyle to D’Prince ‘s ‘ Gucci Gang’ and he came on MAVIN / Jonzing ‘s radar.

On losing his dad and brother, Rema says,

“At some point things got hard and I had to man up…. I had to work hard because I lost my brother and my dad… I had to work hard.” Rema says hard work got him in shape and that he never goes to the gym.

A lot of conversations are coming up about Rema’s startegic positioning, unique branding and heavy marketing by MAVIN. Recall that back in Febuary, Rema performed at the NBA All-Star Weekend 2020 in Chicago.

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