How Xenophobia in South Africa will End – Snake Terrorism by Fadaka Louis

How Xenophobia in South Africa will End – Snake Terrorism by Fadaka Louis

I have read the best stories and try to connect the dots and I can only conclude that Xenophobia on Nigerians is a ”Terrorist Attack” orchestrated by South African leaders under a snake guise and the end will not be funny – much worst than Boko-haram.

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When Boko Haram ‘blinked’ in Nigeria, their excuse was simply that they hate ”Western Education” – only a block brain will hate educaion, especially the best form of it but as time goes on, we all know that was a blatant lie to a major goal as they themselves have been considered one of the most brilliant persons in Nigeria – a dumb-ass cannot be a member, there is always a form of education or the other, which of course is western.

When the first case of Xenophobic attack of South Africans on Nigerians came to light, their excuses were that :

1. Nigerian men were taking their women and

2. Nigerians were taking their jobs (the recent statistics is 85 per cent).

Must Know :-

1. South-Africans are not lazy people just like Nigerians.

2. South-Africans are very friendly people, just like Nigerians (reason why you have many Nigerians there and vise-versa)

3. South-Africans are one of the most creative, dogged and successful Africans.

So, why this lie above –

1. there is either a set of lazy people in government who wants what Nigerians have at all cost and refuse to work for it,

2. there maybe Nigerians there who have taken their pomposity abroad making some ‘soft-hearts’ angry.

Any which way, it will not end well.

How It Will End.

Nigerians have been swallowing these killings for a long time simply because they are battling – Boko-Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Miyetti Allah nonsense, Biafra, Odudua Section, Yahoo Boys and so many other drama but these last straws have made them ‘pick stones’.

As I type, major companies or establishments owned by South-Africans are being attacked and this is how it starts. If these selfish persons fueling this attacks on Nigerians, it might also lead to South-Africans not walking freely in Nigeria.

As sweet as this ”we go do our own back” is, the irony is, Nigerians will be giving these ‘Snake Terrorists’ what they’ve been craving for – the ultimate goal. What they really hope to achieve is not known.

Solution :-

1. The Nigerian Government have done well in voicing out, its good, but the meeting is what I don not understand (I chose not to comment).

2. Nigerians should stick with Nigerians until this is dead, this is time for brother-hood, its much better defence.

3. Nigerians should lock-up, pack-up and come home(though I know the country doesn’t favour you, I know)

4. The South-African Government should decide if they want Nigerians or not, sometimes its great to be a Donald Trump.

In conclusion, this Xenophobic attack on Nigerians by South-Africa is simply Terrorism in disguise.

Fadaka Louis,

Publisher and Karate Instructor,

Writing from Nigeria.

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