How To Make A Hit Song – The Formula; Case Study – YBNL


YBNL is a well acclaimed record label which has been in existence for about 6 years now. The label has steadily risen and has gone from having one artist  to having more than 3 artists and 2 producers.  Olamide, the CEO Of YBNL , was the first artist under this label. He is currently one of the biggest artists in Nigeria as he is the most successful of the so-called local rappers. I’m not here to give you a history of YBNL or tell you about their rise to the top, I am here to talk about what i call “The Formula“.

I have studied the Nigerian Music Industry and I must tell you that there is actually an unidentified mechanism, a technique, a combination of certain elements which a song needs to be successful.  The YBNL team is one which has mastered these elements and put them to good use because  at the moment it seems like they can’t go wrong. I would  briefly talk about these elements while usingYBNL as a case study .

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