How My Father is Using Me to Make Money – Girl


A 27-year-old woman, Funke Gbadebo, has accused her father of “using” her to make money without any benefit for her.

She explained to The Nation yesterday that her father has been giving her out to work for people as maid and collecting her entitlements upfront.

“I was 18 when my father said one of his cousins volunteered to cater for my well-being. Few months after I got there, I got to know they were not related to my father in any way and that I was hired as a maid,” she said.

Her father, Najeem Gbadebo, denied to react to her claims, abusing our reporter who called him on phone.

Funke said when her madam realised that she was sad about what her father did; she enrolled her in an hairdressing shop.

She said her suffering began when her father asked her to drop out of school.

“I was in SS2 when I dropped out of school and since then, I have been working for my father. I worked as a maid for five years and when I asked for my pay, I was told my father collected my allowance for the years I spent. Combining hairdressing training wasn’t easy because I woke up at 4am daily to take care of my bosses’ children and sometimes they called in between to send me on errands. It got to a point I felt there was no progress in my life so I left and returned to my father. I had nothing on me when I returned to him. Even the N50,000 my boss gave me when she knew I wasn’t aware of my father’s plans, he collected it from me.”

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