How Lagos Govt. is Trying to Push Igbo Traders Out of Lagos – VANGUARD


According to the Vanguard, recent policies and actions taken by the Lagos government is a ploy to push Igbo traders in the state out of Lagos.

In 2009, Ambode’s predecessor, Babatunde Fashola, was praised for clearing Oshodi, ridding the areas of miscreants and easing traffic gridlock in the area. Following this development, Ambode who after inauguration said his government will govern with compassion, is perhaps set to conclude the unfinished job BFR started on Oshodi seven years ago, Vanguard said.

On orders of governor Akinwunmi Ambode, a bulldozer rumbled through the Owonifari market,Oshodi, Lagos, crushed and flattened everything on sight within the market, Vanguard said.

Kenneth Madu, a trader in the market said he had been extremely brutalised as he lost everything he had laboured for in the market.

“I just stocked my shop with new items I brought in from China a few days before the Christmas holiday. When I heard that they have sealed up the market, I rushed down to see if I can evacuate all my goods from the shop. They denied us access into the market and chose to demolish the market with all our goods. I had more than N20million goods in my own shop. Others had more. All attempt to remove our goods failed. I even offered to give the police N200,000 just to allow me remove my goods, they refused. I have been brutalised and traumatised. This is murder, they have killed us.”

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