Hon. Patrick Obaihagbon Stoned by Angry Protesters in Edo

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Nigerian walking dictionary stoned. Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s Chief of Staff, Hon. Patrick Obaihagbon was on Tuesday pelted with different objects by a horde of angry Edo citizens.
According to Leadership, the mob was protesting double taxation in the state and governor Oshiomhole wasn’t around to receive them. They therefore decided to vent their frustration on the walking dictionary.

Hon Patrick Obahiagbon was shouted at while some youths threw objects at him as they insisted that the governor must address them.

Security agents however were able to calm the angry youths and they left government house unattended.

A social commentator and Human right crusader, Rev Olu Martin, said they had to embark on the protest march because of the hardship occasioned by the alleged double taxation and land use charges introduced by the Oshiomhole government.

He said: “We have used every avenue to tell the governor, when we voted him into office in November 2008, there were promissory notes that made thousands of youths support him and by the definition of democracy by Abraham Lincoln, it was apt then.

“At the beginning, we saw some attempt by the governor to ameliorate the plight of the people. In the past when the governor was going on inspection of projects, people will abandon their wares without even locking their shops. Nobody remembers now how you came in but how you left. It appears the government has turned it ears against the people; all our cries and lamentation have been met with propanganda by government and all we hear is that they are being sponsored.”

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