Gunman kills five policemen, holds hostages

military-gunmen-reportedly-kidnapped-community-leader-in-bayelsa-696x348The Kenyan security forces on Thursday embarked on a delicate hostage rescue mission after a lone gunman identified as Omar Okwaki Eumond.

Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnett said the terrorist suspect was held at a police station in Kapenguria, West Pokot.

Reports say Eumond seized a gun from a police officer and shot the policemen.

The man trying to escape from the police station, according to report, seized a gun from a police officer manning the police station’s report desk and shot officers at the station in the attack.

Police have not officially stated how many people have been killed, but security sources said they were five.

“We have sent elite Hostage Rescue Team to rescue other prisoners in the cells and bring the stand off to an end,” Boinnett said.

West Pokot County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga, told reporters the exact information about how the attack started was not immediately clear because those who would have given the information were among those killed.

Boinnett said that his officers quickly reacted to the scenario by sending its Quick Reaction Team and the elite General Service Unit (GSU) which made it harder for the lone gunman to escape.

The I-G said that the actual number and nature of casualties is yet to be fully established and further details will be provided in a short while.

Report says there was also an attack in Lamu, far North Coastal Kenya, where the police successfully fought off an Al Shabaab attack.

The attack took place at the Mangai Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU), which has been helping to fight the Al Shabaab in Lamu.

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