Gunman Fires During Ramadan Prayers In East London Mosque


A ‘masked’ gunman entered the building of the Seven Kings Mosque in Ilford, East London as he discharging a firearm during Ramadan prayers.

We learnt that Worshippers at the Seven Kings Mosque in Ilford were part-way through evening prayers late on Thursday when the sound of a gunshot rang out.

According to an eye witness,  said the masked gunman was reported to have entered the mosque on High Road but was made to leave before firing the gun.

Scotland Yard said early investigations suggested that a ‘blank firing handgun’ had been discharged.

Worshipper Ibraheem Hussain, 19, described hearing the gunshot around half an hour after prayers began.

He said: “There are three sections of the mosque and at Taraweeh (evening prayers) during this time of Ramadan the mosque is packed out.

“We were upstairs in the classrooms and about 30 minutes into the night prayer a large noise went off.

“I just continued my prayer, it sounded like a firework or maybe something heavy had been dropped, so no-one really thought anything of it.

“After we finished we were leaving the shoe area and someone said it was a gunshot, someone had come into the mosque and he had a firearm on him.

“The managers had seen him, he was masked and acting suspicious and the firearm was let off.” He concluded.

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