Goat trapped on phone lines freed in bizarre rope & ladder rescue (VIDEO)


A mountain goat that had somehow hooked its horns onto a set of overhead telephone wires in Greece has been freed by a group of men who performed an unusual countryside rescue operation.

The stricken animal was in quite the pickle, dangling mid-air close to the side of a hilltop when it was spotted by locals in Thessaly, Greece.

Bleating like crazy, the dark-coloured goat can be seen in mobile phone footage hanging precariously above the ground. Video of the dramatic high-wire rescue operation has so far garnered thousands of views on Facebook.

Rescuers first try unsuccessfully to save the animal using a ladder to untangle its horns from the cable, before tying rope to its hind legs and gently sliding the goat towards the hillside.

After many minutes of trying end the animal’s strange ordeal, the men are finally able to bring the goat safely back to earth, where it skips off into the wild.

People are understandably baffled as to how the animal got up there, with the only reasonable explanation being that it became caught whilst jumping on the nearby hillside.

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