Goat Gives Birth To Kid With Six Legs (Photos & Video)


The people of Muzuwerani Kwa Ndomo, in Kililifi county, Kenya, were shocked on Sunday, when they woke up in the morning to a goat that gave birth to a kid with six legs Citizen TV reports that the abnormal baby goat which has two fore legs and four hind legs is one of two twins born to the goat, although the other kid was normal.

According to the owner of the goat, Omar, this is the third delivery by the mother goat, and the others are normal. “The goat has given birth twice before to normal twins. However, when it came to the third delivery, I was shocked to see the kid having six legs and the reproductive organ located beneath the legs. It uses the same organ to pass both urine and excrement,” Omar said.

“Some people have told me to kill it, but I see no need. I intend to see it through life. I am grateful to God it suckles well and I hope it shall be well,” he added.



This is the first incident of a goat having abnormal features to be witnessed in the area.

This kind of mutation in animals is becoming quite normal nowadays as more and more weird creatures appear: a piglet who was born with eight legs, a lamb born with four eyes, two noses and two mouths, a cyclops lamb with only one eye, a two-headed snake and many more.

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