Ghana’s High Commissioner in South Africa Said Ghanaians Migrants Are Safe

Ghana’s High commissioner in South Africa says Ghanaians living in South Africa are safe despite the xenophobic attacks on African migrants

Ghana’s mission in South Africa has confirmed that the xenophobic attacks in South Africa has not affected any Ghanaian.

The mission said it is keenly monitoring the developments and offering the needed advice and guidance to Ghanaians living there, stressing that they were safe.

Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr George Ayisi-Boateng made the revelation while speaking to Accra based Daily Graphic.

He said “As far as the Ghana Mission is concerned, no Ghanaian has been attacked,” he said.

Migrant Africans have come under a barrage of attacks from the local people, mostly the youth, accusing their fellow Africans of taking over jobs from the locals.

Shops have been looted and physical attacks visited on some people leading to the death of at least three people in the last few days.

But Mr Ayisi-Boateng has assured Ghana Mission would continue to monitor the situation to ensure that every Ghanaian remained safe.

He said he had advised all Ghanaians in South Africa to avoid unnecessary arguments, especially in Pretoria and Johannesburg where the violence was intense.

He added that the number of Ghanaians in South Africa, who had registered with the Ghana Mission, was not more than 600.

The High Commissioner, however noted that there was every indication that many more Ghanaians were living in the country who were not known to the mission.

“Throughout my visits to various parts of the country, I have advised Ghanaians to register with the mission so that we can know where they are and attend to them appropriately when the need arises,” he stated.

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