Germany Deports 26 Afghan Asylum Seekers



A group of 26 rejected Afghan asylum seekers arrived in Kabul on Wednesday after being deported from Germany, airport officials told dpa.

Baclad TV News learnt that it was the 24th such group deportation from Germany since December 2016.

A total of 565 Afghan men have been returned in the last 23 flights.

The deportations have been deeply controversial, with critics saying the war-torn country is still too dangerous to send back asylum seekers.

Civilians are regularly the target of attacks by the Taliban and Islamic State.

The debate in Germany was also fuelled in July when a 23-year-old man committed suicide after being deported.

He had lived in Germany for eight years before being sent back to Kabul.

According to UN figures, 581 civilians were killed in Afghanistan’s war between January and March, a 23 per cent drop compared to the previous year.


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