Europe based Nigerian lady exposes ‘Yahoo-Yahoo Boy’ who swindled her

Bright-OniA Nigerian lady based in Europe has exposed a man she says duped her during their online romance.

A Nigerian woman based in Switzerland, Sonia Efe, is really in a foul mood as she has exposed a certain Internet fraudster,popularly called ‘Yahoo-Yahoo Boy’, whom she claimed swindled her of a huge sum of money after they met on Facebook and kicked off an online romance.

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Efe who claimed the man, Bright Oni, pretended to be in love with her and promised to marry her, only ended up collecting a lot of money from her, not knowing that he is actually a married man who preyed on women online just to dupe them.

Using her Facebook page, Efe warned other ladies to beware of the fraudster and not to fall for him and his likes whom she says use charm to seduce women on social media.

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This is what she wrote:

” Ladies please be aware of this guy called Bright Oni. I have fallen a victim, so I want to share with you all my ladies in Europe and on Facebook to please be careful of him. He feeds with women’s money; he will pretend as if he loves you and play you money, I believe is using charm.

By the time I found out, lots has go down the drain. I just found out how he impregnated his 2 cousins, and another woman has 2 babies for him here in Europe. About 3 different women has give birth to him in different countries and he has 2 wives back home; he also impregnate a teenager; when she was trying to put to bed, the baby died immediately after birth.

Thank God for saving the girl’s life. He is a deceiver; he goes on Facebook and chats women up all in the name that he wants to marry them. Please do not fall as a victim of this stupid idiot any more.

I am doing this not to damage his image but just to urge you all to be very careful of this guy, BRIGHT ONI. He is a fruadster, 419 in the making; it flows in his blood.

If I have to reveal all he did to me, you will feel my pains but I leave everything for God. People may think I used the money to play love but I didn’t. I was thinking he’s a good man, that I have found the best man, not knowing he is a monster.”

See the Facebook post here.

Photo Credit: Facebook

But in a twist to the story, a woman who claims to be Oni’s wife, by the name Eghosa Maxwell, went to Instablog to post a message about Efe trying to tarnish her husband’s image, without giving much details.

She also posted photos of Efe, claiming she is trying to snatch her husband.

See it here.

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Not yet done, Eghosa went to Facebook to call Efe all sorts of name, saying she is a scammer who is just out to spoil her husband’s good name.

See what she wrote unedited:

“THIS IS THE WOMAN THAT IS TANNISHING MY HUSBAND NAME AND IMAGE , HER USERS NAME ON FACEBOOK ,,,, IS SONIA EFE,,, BUT HER REAL NAME ARE ,,,,, EHIS ENARUNA,,,,,, MEN BEWARE OF THIS LADY SHE IS A SCANNER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,This is d ,,,,,,,,,ehis enaruna ,,,…,alias ,,,,,,,.,sonia efe ,,,,,,..old fool,husband snacher,what did you expect that my husband will abandon his family because of you , you are a dreamer ,,,,,,,keep crying until you eye will blind.

Ehis go and take care of your 3 children with different father and live my husband alone bright oni,,,,,,,, you are crying for my husband when you are suppose to be prepareing for your 50 years birthday and your daughter marriage.

Waoooo Ooooooooo ooooooo is a pity that you are disgracing woman like this , you are a disgrace to women ,,,,, when i called you 2year ago to stay away from my husband ,but you refuse ,even my father inlaw called you too from Nigerian ,what where you thinking ,you think your charm can do it ,,,,,,,no ,,keep on crying old woman.”

See her post here

Photo Credit: Facebook

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