Efia Odo Reveals She Believes In God, Not Bible (See Tweet)

Efia Odo


Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo has revealed that she believes in God but does not regard the Bible as any serious book worth attention.

The actress who went biblical on Twitter sought to find out who Cain married after killing his brother Abel as stated by the bible.

In the course of the Twitter discussion, Efia Odo made it clear the bible is just storybook with “some faith building scriptures and relatable moments”

She said, “In the Bible Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel were the only ones in the world. After Cain killed Abel he ran to the east of Eden. Genesis 4:17 it says Cain made love to his wife. He was in the east of Eden in Nod. So where did the WIFE come from if they were the only ones in the world?.”

Efia Odo continued by urging Africans to return to the religion of their ancestors.

“I’m just trying to get out of this alluded system. Before religion was brought to North Africans and transcended to us west Africans, we had our own way of life and connecting to God. Before colonization we were spiritual people. We’ve lost our sense of spirituality,” She added.

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