Edo pastor nabbed with bag filled with female underwear (photos)

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The current activities about suspected ritualist stealing female underwear have gotten many people scared. These people go as far as breaking into ladies’ hostels to steal their pants.

An Edo-based pastor has just been nabbed by local security men, who are popularly known as vigilantes, with a bag filled with female underwear. He was caught in Auchi. According to an Instagram user, @auchipoly_glits, the pastor walks around from street to street around 5am in the morning preaching the gospel but on this day, he was caught by the local security men with the female pants.


Edo pastor nabbed with bag filled with female underwears
Photo: @auchipoly_glits
Source: UGC

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It was further reported that the bag filled was with several types of female underwear, which were to be carried to his church. However, on getting to his church, other sets of female underwear were discovered. The Instagram user shared the post with the caption: “BREAKING NEWS!!! RITUALIST (Fake Pastor) caught in AUCHI (SABO, South Ibie) Terrain Edo state… The fake pastor usually preaches 5am daily with a Ghana must go bag in Auchi, Edo state. He was caught this morning by the vigilante and requested for stop and check. They checked and saw female pants, bra and used pads. My take: Ladies never you spread your underwear for outside.”


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Edo pastor nabbed with bag filled with female underwears in his church
Photo: @auchipoly_glits
Source: UGC


Some of the underwears recovered from the pastor
Photo: @auchipoly_glits
Source: UGC


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