DSS Sacks Marilyn Ogar’s Sister, 64 Cadet Officers

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Nigeria – Apparently the mass exodus from the Department of State Services isn’t over.

The agency has dismissed a lady identified as a sibling of former Director of Information, Mrs. Marilyn Ogar, and 64 other cadet officers, Daily Independent reports.

The affected cadet officers were undergoing training at the State Services Academy (SSA) in Lagos. They belonged to the Cadet Officers Basic Course 28 of 2014 code named COBC28/2014.

The 65 officers had been in the academy since December 2014 for a 10-month training programme, categorized into three distinct sessions.

The affected officers were among 420 trainees in the academy and had gone through the three categories of their training before they were flushed out. They were due for commissioning into the service as Senior Intelligence Officers (SIO) on October 26, 2015.

The affected officers had done the basic training in the academy and the three months attachment at the DSS state commands nationwide for practical, including the essential foreign intelligence programme, which took them to various countries where they were exposed to handling of high caliber weapons, detonation of bombs and all sorts of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

One of the trainees wondered the wisdom in sacking persons that the service had exposed to all manners of sensitive intelligence operations, including handling of offensive weapons. He said that having gone through the specialized training, government should have sent them to other security agencies in need of skilled manpower.

The dismissed personnel have said that they would take their cases to the National Assembly.

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