Don Jazzy links up with his ex-wife in Lagos

Awesome Don Jazzy, a Nigerian music producer, has reunited with his ex-wife, Michelle Jackson, in Lagos.

Late Thursday, Mavin Records CEO Mavin Records published a video of their encounter on his Instagram story, calling Michelle a “Naija girl.”

Michelle, a model from the United Kingdom, returned to Nigeria in late April 2022.

The duo appeared smiling at the camera with another lady in Don Jazzy’s video, as the producer praised his ex wife.

He jokingly asked her what she had learned since arriving in Nigeria, and the two of them laughed about it.

Don Jazzy startled his fans in April of last year when he disclosed that he was married to Michelle for two years.

“Well, the fact is that about 18 years ago, when I was 20, I married my best friend Michelle @yarnstaswitch, and it was amazing,” he remarked.

“I adored both love and marriage. Michelle is stunning on the inside and out, with a gentle heart. But then, because I was so young and full of dreams, I messed everything up by devoting all of my time to my music. My music took precedence over my family.

“I was 22 when my parents divorced, and it still stings. I’m still madly in love with my music, and I don’t want to marry someone else and ruin it.”

Michelle had remarried and had a son, he subsequently confessed.

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