Do You Think Lil Kesh Can Live Up To The Standard On His Own? – Lets Talk Here


Hi Guys,

Am pretty sure you all understand the industry to a level, if not very well but atleast to some extent….. So lets rub mind on this pressing issue.

3 days ago, Olamide confirmed the News that “Lil Kesh Deal With YBNL” has finally ended and that the young superstar will be floating his own label “YAGI” soonest.

To many, this is a good news but to those who understand the industry quite well, This is some kind of Bad news to them.. They see beyond owning a Record label as a good thing, they know and understand one or two things involve in owning and running a music label in Nigeria.

For Me, Olamide knows Lil Kesh very well and he’s charged him up over-time just to bring out the very best in him. Why leave the Boss who brings out the Best in You?

It takes huge sacrifices, time, resources and money (millions of Naira) to run a successful record label in Nigeria and to them “Lil kesh is not up to that Standard yet, him never ripe reach that level”.

Forget the Buzz about him, The guy still small and needs to be well Trained under YBNL for more years before he can be fully prepared and cooked for the Challenges of running a Record label not to even talk of running a successful one.

We’ve got quite a handful of Artiste who came even before Lil Kesh left Secondary school, he came into the game and zoom past them, Wait! Do you think he’s that Talented more than them? No!!! He’s enjoying the good will and effort Olamide has invested into YBNL..

Artiste like Orezi, May D, Durella and many others are good artistes but this record label thingy is a big determinant in an Artiste career.

At this particular time in the Music industry, Its not all about the number of hits you’ve got or the numbers of your video rotating on Video Channels, Its all about having a good record label who understand the business very well and knows “Who is who” in the Industry.

Abeg, The Story don dey too long for me jare, I won go chop…

Can he lives up to the Standard on his own?

You have to consider all this:-

1. Cost of Running a Record Label

2. Daily Expenses to Fund some Music Promotions

3. Cost of Shooting a World Class Standard Video, abi person like Lil Kesh wey don get good video go kon return to Vic O standard of Video?

4. Feeding, Clothing, Drinking Expenses? Make person wey don dey drink Don P, Henessy, Moet no kon go dey drink Malt, Jedi, Ale, Afato or Kunu/Zobo ooooo


From your own perspective, Do you think Lil Kesh can Live up to the Standard he’s presently on his Own and even go more higher?

Drop your Comments.

NOTE:- This Post was not created to belittle anyone or any brand, We’re here to Educate ourselves, Who knows? You might want to Invest in Music tomorrow na.


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