Dead bodies discovered around Enugu church


Unconfirmed reports claim that yesterday, Monday, January 25, dead bodies buried in shallow graves around a new church in Enugu.

Church building with humans built with the foundation in enugu

The report credited to Dailypost, gathered that there was chaos and tears yesterday evening at Ugwuaji, along Enugu Port-Harcourt Express road, when human parts and almost fresh dead bodies were discovered in an uncompleted building.

Residents in the area are pointing accusing fingers on the new church located close to the scene. One of those who were at the scene described the act as “wicked and the most inhuman action I have seen in my entire life.” He said:
“I was traveling when I saw the crowd there and had to stop. This is wickedness of the highest order. Accusing fingers are being pointed at a particular new church along that road; I don’t know who did this; but I must say that the wicked will never go unpunished. People no longer value human lives; for whatever purpose this was done, it is heart breaking.”


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