Davido shares the photo of young man who scammed him of over N5million

Davido exposes man who duped him of N5 million (Picture/Instagram)
Source: Instagram

Singer Davido has exposed a young man identified as Medz_Love on Instagram as a fraudster

OBO shared the photo of the young man on social media and revealed that he duped him of N5 million

He issued threats and stated that his guys are after him as he messed with the wrong one

It is no longer news that singer Davido is a boss of all bosses and has amassed a large following both on social media and real life.

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His often talked about kindness attracts many guys who comfortably seat at his table of luxury and lavishness. However, there is always a bad egg and eventually, if it is found and thrown out.

Recently, Davido exposed one of his friends identified as Medz_Love on Instagram, who he revealed duped him of N5 million.

The evidently upset singer shared the alleged thief’s photo and sent threats, saying that he has messed with the wrong one.

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Using damning words, OBO stated that his guys are on the look out for Medz_Love and he will be dealt with. He also added that N5 million is nothing to him and whoever finds the thief can collect the money and keep it as long as they deal with him.

It is unclear the kind of business the two got involved in that made Davido release such amount of money but from his post, it was gathered that the accused used deceit to defraud the singer.



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