Cynthia Morgan Finally Unveils Reasons Behind Her Coloured Hair Beauty Trend


Cynthia Morgan has opened up on reasons behind her coloured hair beauty trend, which according to her nobody has ever done.
The singer disclosed that she’s the first to put it out on display, citing that nobody has ever worn it, two years at a stretch in Africa.
“My hair represent freedom, loyalty because you have to be a ‘morgan free woman’ to becynthia-morgan able to walk around with a red hair, it was quite very scandalous at first, when i started it” She said
She further said that “When I was growing up, I see people wear red hair, and then people tag them like demons, but people did it, I would say I was the first to put it out, and people emulated it and if you ask people, they be like this is Cynthia Morgan. Other people wear it, but nobody wore for it for 2 years in Africa straight,”
“So after all the backlash, but I don’t give a damn, but people be like why am i actually wearing a red hair, to me, it was something that i had to do because i understand the kind of career that am creating is legendary, so i have been wearing for like two years now, it was really scary at first, but now it’s a journey that I am very proud of that i embarked on.”
It would be recalled that Cynthia, recently in a social media post, said without God’s presence and her setting the trend, what Nigeria would have witnessed is ‘a flying colour in disaster’.


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