Predictably, ever since Busola Dakolo “confessed” to having been raped by Pastor Biodun of COZA, the narrative has unabashedly flowed in her favour. Truth is, I can’t hold an opinion just because it’s popular. When a story is told, I simply put on my thinking cap, play it in my mind and take a personal stand based on the logicality or otherwise of the story . That’s why we have individual brains which can neither be borrowed nor shared. So, the mob can’t blackmail me into suspending my intellect. That’s the truth…


Please, let me remind us that the accusation against the Pastor is rape not adultery. Anyone that reads Busola’s version or watches her video without bias will definitely ask questions, especially if he or she is an adult like myself. You may not agree with me but Busola’s account seems choreographed. It’s very likely a script written to achieve a predetermined purpose. It was important she disclosed that she was just 16 when it happened. This means she was molested as a minor.

If absence of consent doesn’t fly, minority would definitely nail the alleged predator. But who’s going to argue on the veracity of this claim on age? Certainly not Pastor Biodun who has denied Busola’s allegation. You see, it’s not as straight forward as you think.


There’s no doubt about the attempt to play the victim to elicit public sympathy. Of course, it’s normal and natural for humans to tell contentious stories from their perspective with the intent to look good, or at least appear better than the other person. That’s where unbiased investigation comes handy. Rape is a serious crime. Biodun cannot be prosecuted and convicted solely on the basis of Busola’s own account. He must defend himself and Busola’s testimony must be subjected to serious scrutiny. On what basis do you accept her version as an absolute truth and Pastor Biodun’s as false?


This article is by no means intended to either justify rape, immorality or defend Pastor Biodun. It’s objective is to plead for a little fairness, broad mindedness and objectivity. Most of us have at different times been blackmailed or misrepresented. Surprisingly, victims are always too willing to become culprits in the infamous Department of Gossip. I will never understand how a man enjoys sexual intercourse which is devoid of mutuality. That’s how despicable rapists are. Consent is fundamental to sex. I hold both rapists and gays with the same amount of contempt.

I’m aware that celebrities, especially men of God are susceptible to blackmail. Some of the allegations may be true, no doubt. Some are definitely fabricated. The problem is that it’s difficult for people in this class to defend themselves.

Again, Busola said she was raped. I sincerely have my doubt. Rape is rape basically owing to the absence of consent. Consensual sex can’t be termed rape.

Look at the story again. Your mother traveled and left you with one of your sisters in the house- a duplex. The Pastor sneaked in surprisingly early in the morning and it turned out that his target was the one who opened the door for him. He must be very “lucky” to enjoy such precision of fate. As you opened the door for him, he pushed you to one of the chairs, removed his belt and had carnal knowledge of your virgin “womanhood”. Satisfied, he made for his car and brought you krest to drink, ostensibly as a contraceptive and you obliged.

Wow! What a storyline!!. This movie is only good for the oft intellectually non stimulating and predictable Nollywood. I doubt if this heart rending story can pass the test of either legal or logical scrutiny in the face of an allegation of rape. It can ground consensual sex(adultery) or child abuse if the minority status of the victim at the time of the incidence is ascertained. Definitely not rape. If you read or listen well, you will agree that if sex occurred at all, it was consensual.

Only an insane man would go to a strange environment and take such a risky action without a detailed ascertainment and assurance of safety anchored on absolute privacy. Who assured the Pastor that the environment was safe enough for him to “eat” uninhibited? I’m sure without such assurance, even lesser mortals won’t venture, let alone a celebrity Pastor. It’s noteworthy that most genuine victims of rape suffer in the hands of trusted people who share apartment or proximity with them. For the other cases, there’s always an ignored or accepted red flag. No man in the Pastor’s position would just wake up and attempt a rape without first testing the waters. Generally, he must be reasonably sure of the victim’s cooperation based on past and present interactions.


Busola’s account wants us to believe that within split seconds, the man ascended and  descended from the mountain unrestricted, went outside to his car, brought a drink, hands same to his prey, she gladly or grudgingly received and gulped as expected. Is it that easy and straight forward? What could have given him such audacity and reassurance in someone else’s house? Unbelievable!

After such experience, the very  next Sunday, the prey was in Church, albeit in low spirits. The fellowship continued into the future.

The second episode sounds even more weird. He drove you into an isolated part of the town, dragged you out of the passengers’ side to the bonnet and successfully “ate the food” to satisfaction. No shout, no struggles!

The length of time it took for this story to be told publicly is in itself a source of suspicion. As a Lawyer, I know crimes can’t be statute barred. But it’s curious that a molestation she suffered in her teens was successfully managed through school until she married and became a mother of three before letting the monstrous cat out of the bag.

Sister Busola has already presented herself as having been a serious Christian from youth, in fact before she was allegedly defiled. I think there’s something unchristian about her confession after many years had elapsed. Time should have healed her. If time couldn’t, she could have sought counsel aimed at healing and forgiveness. Thankfully, the molestation didn’t prevent her from loving her husband and giving him three beautiful kids.

If forgiveness was impossible (as unchristian as it is), she should have sought the prosecution of her assailant. I can’t fathom what the resort to media trial is intended to achieve. Is it healing, forgiveness or vengeance?

Friends, let’s stop unnecessary pontification. There’s definitely something about this scandal hiding very safely from us.

If you are a Christian, pray for Pastor Biodun, Sister Busola, her husband and children. It’s as serious as that.

Omen Bassey
Rant HQ


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