Controversy trails Shekau’s ‘new’ video calling for truce


There were indications last night that the latest video purportedly released last week by the leader of the Boko Haram sect might not have emanated from the Boko Haram leader after all. A source, who pleaded anonymity, told Vanguard that the video, in which Shekau was said to have said that the end of the sect’s campaign was at near, was shot about two years ago. The source said that the video was actually given out by Shekau to a delegation that was sent by a top Islamic sect leader, Darun Sijjirah, when he pledged allegiance to the Boko Haram leader. According to the source, it is not possible for Shekau, who is the leaders of the Islamic State for Africa to have released such a document at this moment. “The video is a fake one intended for ulterior purposes and does not emanate from Shekau,” the source said.

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