Car explodes in central Berlin, 1 dead, police suspect a bomb

A car has exploded in central Berlin on Tuesday morning, leaving at least one person dead, local media report. Police suspect that an explosive was inside the vehicle, but are not certain about the exact cause of the blast.

A Volkswagen Passat has exploded in Bismarckstrasse while driving along the road, Berlin police said on Tuesday. The driver died of serious injuries before an ambulance arrived.

“Our investigators believe it was an explosive device that caused the vehicle to explode,” Berlin police said. They have sealed the area off.

An eyewitness told the Berliner Zeitung: “An extremely loud bang and a vibration were felt one kilometer away [from the site].”

Police warned that a second blast may happen shortly, the Berliner Zeitung reported. Law enforcement officers also urged residents to close windows and refrain from using the street.

Fire brigades and a rescue helicopter were scrambled to the scene after an “emergency call,” according to Tagesspiegel.



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