Buhari’s Daughter’s Marriage to Modu Sherrif’s Son.(VIDEO)

The above video shows the characteristically opulent marriage of Halima Buhari, daughter of Presidential Candidadate rtd. General Muhammadu Buhari to Babangana Sherrif, son of the former governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sherrif.

Alhaji Haliru Dantoro, the Emir of Borgu, stood in for General Buhari and he received the sum of N200,000 in the form of a gold coin, as bride price for Buhari’s beautiful daughter.

This was in 2012.

Since that time, many water has passed under bridge, as they say, and with the daring attacks of the Boko Haram sect on Nigeria’s North-East on the uprise and singularly linked to Borno state, Ali Modu Sherrif, the former governor of the state (and now Buhari’s in-law) has been fingered repeatedly as a sponsor and facilitator to the deadly group.

Over and over, Stephen Davis, the Australia negotiator had mentioned quite boldly that Ali Modu-Sherrif was behind the sect’s rampages.
ali modu sheriff crying 2.jpg

Another person famously accused of sponsoring the Boko Haram sect is the Presidential candidate Buhari himself, and the opposition cites a controversial statement that said he would make Nigeria ungovernable if Jonathan won the 2011 elections.

A wedding between two kingdoms in the old time was to solidify alliances between kings and allies. It has not changed at all, as it is widely believed that weddings between the children of political figures have a power-centric undertone to them.

Given that political parties like to pick up on hints and innuendoes and expand them beyond what is reasonable into the grotesque and ridiculous, we predict that it is only a matter of time before Halima Buhari’s wedding to Babangana Modu Sherrif is given some macabre plot twist.

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