Buhari Will Fight With Obasanjo,Tinubu – Primate Ayodele Prophecies

Primate-AyodelePrimate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, Spiritual Leader of INRI Spiritual and Evangelical Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos has issued new prophecies on the Nigerian political sphere.
Speaking to VANGUARD, the Primate said, ”Buhari has a good mind to rule this country. It is just like Jonathan had a good mind to rule this country but the people around him ruined his government. So, President Buhari is good but people around him will teach him lesson”.

”It is not that he doesn’t know how to act. There are things that will happen. You will see the scripts as they unfold. And Obasanjo and Buhari will fight. Buhari and Tinubu will fight”.

”We have a party coming up. Tinubu is a factor. He doesn’t need to fight with the President or any APC leader. Tinubu is a chosen one. And when Buhari fights him, fights Obasanjo and the Vice President, if care is not taken, another party will come out from the APC and the PDP”


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