Buhari orders military to conduct internal probe on Amnesty International report

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President Muhammadu Buhari has once again given assurance that his government will closely study the report released recently by Amnesty International, in which top ranking officers of the Nigerian military were accused of gross abuse of human rights.

“The president is quite disturbed by the allegations contained in the report,” Garba Shehu, his spokesperson said Friday. “The next step is to look into the allegations and confirm or disprove the disturbing details.”

He added that President Buhari has already determined that one of the first assignments of the incoming Attorney General of the Federation would be to look into the Amnesty International report and advise the government on an appropriate course of action.

“This is in addition to the internal inquiry he asked the armed services to undertake by themselves,” he said.
He also emphasised President Buhari’s commitment to human rights, and his promise that there would be no human rights abuses under his government.

“Any allegation of human rights abuse that takes place during the tenure of President Buhari’s government will be swiftly investigated and dealt with,” he said.

The report by Amnesty International, published June 3, accused the military of being responsible for the deaths of 8,000 prisoners.

The report listed senior military commanders, including serving and past service chiefs, it suggested should be investigated for possible war crimes.

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